CCNP Tshoot Exam Tips

A few days ago, I passed last exam on the way to CCNP, 642-832 TSHOOT. This exam is different from ROUTE and SWITCH. For me it was the funniest exam. I’m not a big fan of all kind of singe or multiply-answer questions. The real fun is when you touch I running equipment looking for answer ;) The biggest part of the TSHOOT exam is resolving an issues, by working with some topology and tasks to resolve. I like this form of exam.


1. Sources.

As always I used my preparation habits. I worked with an official certification book, and Evernote for brief notes. TSHOOT materials are focused most on troubleshooting methods, the book is organised into section per technology. The book shows you a right way of how to analyse, separate and fix an issue.

2. Knowledge.

You should be familiar with all topics from ROUTE and SWITCH, because this are fundamentals which helps you to troubleshoot any kind of issues. So all my saved notes from previous preparations was useful to stay up to date.  So that’s why for my it was a great exam, because this not only a test of troubleshooting skill, but also a good verification of base knowledge of each technology.

3. Practice.

The most important part (except a strong knowledge) is a practice. If you work in network industry, then probably you’ve got a lot of opportunities to build your troubleshooting skills. Additional laboratories increase this skills. As in my previous exam preparation I worked with a great collection of lab scenarios created by René Molenaar. You can find them on the



As I said, I like this kind of exams. It is good opportunity to test your troubleshooting skills, and shows all weakness in knowledge. And what is the best for me, this exam  will reveal all this who passed previous exams in the way “make a 100 times a pass4sure tests, and remember all answers”. So don’t cheat, work hard and enjoy a real success :)

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